Through The Mirror

What’s there?….on the other side? Would it be possible to push my hand through to the other side of the glass? Is there another dimension, another place on the other side of the mirror? I have wondered and mused about the rather strange idea for many years now! My imagination is running wild and there is an odd fascination with unknown possibilities which may lie just beyond that thin piece of glass!

What’s the attraction? Why is this strangeness so fascinating to me? I may never truly know!

Perhaps someone will find the answer, someday! Perhaps the ‘other side of the mirror’ is waiting for that certain someone to tear through the vail and enter a vast land of wonder! Perhaps the one it waits for is me!


Keep It Real

We pretend far too often to appear to be something we are not! Or to be someone we are not! Among humanity it appears to be a common theme to ‘put on a false-face’ when we are among family and friends!

Why is that the case, though? Why can’t we be exactly the person we were born to be? The man or woman that God created us to be from birth? Do we long to emulate others because we are not satisfied with our own lives?

Perhaps we try to mask our true feelings and motives in order to protect the other person or, maybe, to protect ourselves!

Whatever the case, we are only serving to deceive those we are attempting to impress…including us! Being honest in ‘all things’ will always work! We just need a little wisdom to match the situation!

When we were children we loved to pretend! I certainly did! My imagination was quite active and it saw no bounds, apparently! As an adult, however, pretending never allows us to be grounded!

We very often suffer humiliation when we are trying to mask who we truly are and, in addition, only create mistrust in others!

I have learned through my entire adult life that people are looking for a genuine person! An honest person! They rarely see that in anyone so it’s a treat and a surprise when we display integrity to them!

I have worked alongside many who used the term….”be real”….and they wanted you to be honest! Don’t play games! Games are for kids, just like that cereal!

So I guess what Im trying to convey here is, we all need to show an honest, ‘real’, person to whomever we come into contact with!

Our eyes give us away many times anyway! As the saying goes….”the eyes are the window of the soul”, so it would serve us all to just…

Be real!

Today’s World

“This world is but a thoroughfare full of wo, and we be pilgrams, passing to and fro”!….Geoffrey Chaucer, the Cantebury Tales.

Indeed our world civalization today is full of woeful acts and despicable doings against children and we are sickened by it all! But are we so sickened as to take action against it?

Will we sit idly by and watch the scenes unfold as if it were all a movie before our eyes? Will we mock the pain of our children or come to their rescue? They have no voice and they know not what befalls them!

Certainly evil appears victorious, but it is not, you see! As long as God’s people refuse to hear the enemies lies and they realize their place is secure in the blood of Yeshua, Jesus, then good will triumph!

Our world today is bleak but the light of righteousness is soon come to shine upon all the deeds of man and then we will know just who the King of kings is!

A Fearsome God

Clearly and simply put….there is no fear of God in America any more! Our nation displays on nearly every corner of its communities the prideful acts of rebellion against God! The sins of our nation pollutes the nostrils of the LORD and stirs up his holy anger against us and there seems to be no intention or wish to turn away from them!

We have gone absolutely insane, in my opinion, and are arrogantly shaking a rotten finger in the face of Almighty God! Repentance appears to have fled away from the people of America! It has swelled to the point that our hearts are blackened by sins and we now call evil good and good evil, just as the word of God said would happen in these ‘last days’!

Once again I say… there is NO fear of a holy God in America at all! There is, perhaps, a remnant of ‘believers in Christ’ whose desire is to faithfully trust and serve God with their lives but the evidence points to the majority as just the opposite being true! What has happened to the Christians in this land?

We have lost our way and have combined the ‘ways of the world’ with the ‘ways of the church’! Compromise has poisoned our collective hearts to the holiness of the LORD! We are standing at the precipice of destruction! America is doomed and its our faults, as Christians!

We must turn our backs on the sin we love so much, repent and beg for the mercy of God or else we face absolute devastation! God’s judgement begins “at the house of the Lord”! It’s quite clear, believers!

Either God’s people lead the way to repentance and reconciliation to God or we lead the lost sheep into the wilderness of wickedness and into the jaws of ravenous wolves….or satan! It’s our choice, plain and simple!

Hebrews 10:31…” It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God”! Do we believe that or does our pride blind us to any and all attributes of a loving, faithful God? It is a tragedy that many Americans want little to do with God or his church!

The final seconds of the midnite hour are upon us and the church of the Lord Jesus Christ stands at the forefront and the lost world is watching! What will she do?…Repent or be destroyed?

It’s my desire that my heart is filled with repentance and love for our holy, gracious God!


We are a nation in distress and corruption! From the heads of government to the head of the household, we have lost our way! Wickedness permiates our society and it is growing exponentially! America is in dire straits!

The obvious question should be….what can we do to stop it? Answer….REPENT and turn back to God! It sounds so simple! That’s because it is simple! God doesn’t complicate things, we do that! In God’s economy its all simple and basic! Trust him and turn from our own ways (repent) and allow the LORD to provide exactly what we need as a nation and in our own, personal lives!

America has placed itself on the ‘slippery slope’ to doom because of our prideful and rebellious spirit! We are of the opinion that we don’t need anyone to tell us what to do! We can manage ourselves and get to where we want to be! Well, guess what? We got it!

My question is….how has that worked out for us?

A nation who has turned our back on God, cursed him to his face (that’s insane) and mapped out our own path is the result of a nation full of murder, sedition, debauchery, wickedness and constant fear! The result will be swift and terrible destruction….very soon, too!

The way out of this mess is to fall on our collective faces and beg God’s forgiveness and mercy! If we refuse and continue on this current path we will be destroyed! DESTROYED! It’s that simple and that clear!

May the LORD help us to realize our wicked condition and give us all a heart of repentance!

What’s Next?

I was expecting it but it still took me ‘for a loop’! The hurt is real and the disappointment has settled upon me like a thick, smothering blanket! She filed for a divorce from our marriage….from me! I am a little overwhelmed at this point!

So what do I do to counteract this deep wound? How do I respond to the fact that I am experiencing the feeling of being rejected, though I know that is not the truth!

My help comes from the Lord….”the maker of heaven and earth”! I have to immerse myself in the word of God! In his sufficient grace and mercy! To do otherwise would only further my hurt and disappointment! I can’t afford that!

The next steps I take to recover will define the outcome! Will I trust the Lord Jesus to help me or will I dive into the depths of self-incrimination? As the saying goes….”time heals all wounds”! That quote will be severely tested in the days ahead!