Go In Peace

What is true peace? Is it being comfortable with our life-situations? Is it an attitude of sorts? Maybe it’s just a ‘state of mind’ we choose to have no matter what happens.

You may have your own definition of peace. Perhaps you have more than one. I’m not sure if I can accurately give a proper definition of peace but I believe it is different for everyone.

Piece of mind is something we all long for and try to achieve. Many times on our own efforts. It’s been my experience that true peace of mind only comes from God. Our relationship to him is the path that will take us to that place. It’s a wonderful gift from the LORD.

In my own life the times that I have lacked peace of mind is when I have been drawn away from God and enticed by the things of this world. The lust of the flesh, pride of life and such things are the enemies of true peace.

To maintain a peaceful mindset we must walk close to God and meditate on his word and that will bring a supernatural calm to our spirits.

It may seem to some that peace of mind is a fantasy. A pipe dream, if you will. I will admit that reaching the goal of a peaceful mind can be a struggle but it is attainable. I am confident of that one thing.

During life’s struggles and challenges it is often the most difficult times which can drive peace away from us but it doesn’t have to be that way. A deliberate choice to achieve peace of mind has to be made during those moments.

It is possible for each of is to gain peace of mind and have a settled spirit within us. We just have to choose to do it. We can’t afford to let circumstances or even other people take it away from us.

For today and everyday having that peace of mind can be reached by making the choice to allow God to give it to us. We must remember that it’s a precious gift.

Will you join with me in making that choice today? Lets all choose a peaceful state of mind together.


Compassion; Has It Disappeared?

Reading Facebook posts can get rather monotinous but it’s what we do. Right? As I scrolled through my news feed I came across a somewhat depressing post from a young mother I know.

She is a wonderful, godly mother who is very active with her family and has much on her shoulders. Her husband is a minister of the gospel, a Youtuber and a business man. They are blessed with a splendid group of children.

Their youngest son has been diagnosed with a serious type of cancer (aren’t all cancers serious?) and they are on a hectic schedule of hospital and doctor visits each week.

Their dedication to the Lord’s service is exceptional, however, and they both are a great encouragement to many who follow them and love them.

One day this week this sweet, energetic mom was eating lunch and became chocked on a small pepper. Her air was dangerously cut off. Her windpipe convulsed and she attempted to draw attention to herself from passerby. She waved her arms through the air and tried to get noticed. There was no help.

For all her flailing about and convulsing, gasping for air, she was left alone. Not a single person in the place came to offer any help. There were plenty of folks standing around. No response is what she got.

What? Where is the concern for a fellow human being? The compassion? She was met with only apathy. It seemed that nobody cared that she was in great duress. How is that possible?

Believe it or not this appears to be a situation that is growing more common among humans. The care and concern for our neighbor are absolutely disappearing from society, or so it seems.

I was met with a very similar response during a car accident I had last week in Lexington. It happened while I was working, making food deliveries through Door Dash. It was mid-morning and in a busy area.

I had just completed a really good-paying delivery to an office building and was motovating (or is it motorvating?) to another when, suddenly and shockingly, I was struck on the drivers side by a fast-moving car. A young woman, about 18, came barreling out of a small street and slammed into me. It happened so fast.

There was no time to react. I was slammed extremely hard and the car was pushed to the far lane. There were minor injuries but I did not leave the car. She didn’t get out of hers either.

To their credit the response units got there very quickly after I called 911. The Police and rescue were great in their treatment of the accident and of me. I applaud them all. I am still unaware of the young woman’s situation. We never spoke.

While I slumped in my car seat there were several people who passed by on the sidewalk and in their cars. Not a single person came to check on us or even ask if we were alright.

I was a bit surprised by that. As I recall there was barely anyone who even seemed to notice the wreck. Hmmm…are you serious? I’m like….hey, over here….I’m hurt. We just had a bad wreck, people.

We were invisible to them. The care and concern of human beings has been stripped away from our society. A dark fog has lowered over the faces of mankind. Compassion is dwindling away.

Why? I don’t fully understand it but I do believe that it is a fact that we were warned about by the Lord Jesus in the word of God. “love will grow cold”, he said. It sure has.

Have our hearts become so cold that we as a society have taken that verse and exemplified it completely? I believe we may have. At least a large portion of our culture has. Such a tragic testimony upon us.

May the Lord give us mercy and change our collective hearts to bring us back to a natural love and caring for one another. We need us, folks.

Dreams Are Wonderful

Without a doubt every one of us has a dream. Call it a goal or something we have placed on our ‘bucket list’. Whatever we label them, each of us has one.

Usually beginning in childhood dreams are formed in our hearts after we become occupied with an insatiable appetite to realize a certain thing. Our desire is fixated upon accomplishing the goal.

Dreams differ with each person. Some have a desire to travel the world to exotic places. Others dream of securing that certain job or career and, yet, others want to pursue the course of a writer or actor.

The landscape of dreaming is far and wide and littered with multiple objectives. For all of us there is no limit to what we can dream of.

My dreams or goals are spread across a vast number of desired objectives. I have mentioned several in the paragraphs above but not all. One particular dream is to work in the airline industry and another is to research the behavior and lifestyle of dolphins. To each his own, I guess.

I’m sure your dreams and goals are worthy of your excitement as well as mine are to me. All of us need to have dreams. The hope of a bright and successful future is instinctive for each one of us and God-given.

So keep reaching for the stars no matter what your dream is and do the work it takes to accomplish your goal.

If you don’t have a true dream or goal, get one. You need it and you deserve to have a dream. Everyone does.

Dreams are wonderful.

Bend In The Road

Life’s interruptions are most often unexpected. Our routine of waking up, going to work or school and muttering through the day can seem monotonous and rather boring. The routes we travel are familiar and usually non-eventful. So it goes.

A journey interrupted can bring shock and surprise. Certainly our normal daily functions are greatly affected by a sudden, abrupt change. Most of us don’t like change, especially if it’s one that we didn’t see coming.

This is what happened to me during my ‘normalcy’ on the morning of August 29, 2019. It was quite sudden and most certainly unexpected. I was stunned for some time immediately after my accident. A car wreck is something that none of us ever wants to be part of but it happens to all.

As I tried to brace myself in those few, short seconds before the impact I realized that I was not in control of the situation. The loud and frightening sound of metal crunching and glass bursting still echoes in my head. I won’t soon forget the event.

Beginning a new day without transportation is certainly an adjustment that must be made but it’s not an easy one, to be sure. I don’t envy anyone who finds himself or herself in the same predicament.

Despite the current situation I am in, I am most grateful that God protected me and did not allow more a more serious injury to occur.

Looking back on the crash I realize that, like so many other surprising interruptions in life, this one is just another break in the routine. It’s a brief stop on the journey. One that I am obligated to learn from and move forward to the next moment.

A break in the daily routine. A bend in the road.

Twist, Turn and Bang!

I’ve been a Dasher (Door Dash delivery) for over 7 months and most of my mornings began rather normal. Checking the app a few days before and setting my schedule. Making certain the car has enough gas and all the check boxes are checked.

As I wait for the first order to ‘ping’ on the app I usually get a drink and head out the door. The deliveries are simple and fairly easy to make, normally. There are exceptions though.

For the most part, the car and I spend several hours together rolling along the streets of Lexington trying to provide a service for folks.

Today was not a normal day, however. As I made two deliveries pretty routinely I was on my way to a third one when suddenly….BANG…I was hit by a fast moving car on the drivers side. It was a really hard and violent crash.

At first I thought I might be hurt badly but it turned out to be less serious than anticipated. A young woman in a new car struck me as she came out of a side street in a rural area. She was going pretty fast too.

My car, or rather my brothers car, was slammed in the drivers side door and the window busted out all over me. Glass was everywhere, man. I was shaken for a while until we got to the hospital ER.

The nurses and doctors at UK hospital were great and it wasn’t nearly as long a stay as is normal for situations like this. I hated the i.v. in my arm. Yuk!

The nurses were really pretty, though. I was given an mri in that crazy-looking, Star Trek type machine. It’s kinda funny. It speaks to you while your in there….”breath deeply. Don’t breath…breath again”. Funny.

So for this day, August 29th, 2019, it was NOT a typical work day and the memory of that crashing, thud sound will be with me for several days I’m sure.

I am very thankful to God for keeping me safe and that I was not seriously injured. Another day in the life of a Dasher.

Disgusted With Self

It can happen to all of us at any given time. We give in to an easier way of life. A more convenient and quicker lifestyle, for self-satisfaction, among other reasons.

For many of us this kind of attitude was developed in elementary school. When faced with a difficult or unfamiliar task we opted to ‘skirt around the issue’ and choose the quickest and most comfortable response. It often ended in a wrong answer causing us a failing grade. It became a learned approach for us and we took into adulthood.

Perhaps this response led to cheating on a test or just skipping a problem altogether, not dealing with it. An attitude became a practice and soon a character was developed. Our journey down the wrong road became ‘normal’.

These behaviors start in us at childhood and if they are not corrected and dealt with they can manifest into a destructive way of life as adults.

This is what I am personally dealing with today. Understanding that we can not dwell on our past failures it’s my hope that I am learning and growing from them, even in this mid-to-late stage of my life.

Because of the decisions I have often made when faced with one difficult area of my life or another some deadly habits were born. After I came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ in my late twenty’s I have had the desire to grow more like him.

I have often ‘missed the mark’, to borrow a familiar term, but the desire has always been there. Dear God please make me more like Jesus. The quest continues today.

A life of seemingly constant failure can poison a person’s heart and seriously damage their self-image. It has affected mine a great deal. However, it’s not a lost cause and I have faith that things are improving.

One problem area has been an unexpected and rather quick weight gain. A problem that has truly challenged my self-image. I’ve never dealt with this kind of situation before.

I don’t recall a time in my life when I gained an excess amount of weight (fat) so rapidly. It’s unerving to be sure. I can figure out exactly how it happened.

I do have an idea about the cause, however. My diet has never been one that was more healthy and nutritious for several years. This goes back to the quick and easy approach to a certain thing.

Eating an unhealthy diet has been one of the major problems within American society for many years. From childhood to adulthood Americans are some of the most unhealthy people anywhere. It’s a tragic testimony for our nation.

My own eating habits have never been ones of more healthy choices over unhealthy ones. It’s just much easier to choose a sandwich and chips over a cooked meal or a salad.

Because of this I have become highly digusted with myself, my appearance specifically. I’ve never liked anything about my physical appearance for a long time. My childhood consisted of embarrassment and being extremely shy. It’s common among children during the impressionable year’s and often a very difficult adolescence. We all go through it.

This being said, it’s high time for a change. In many areas change is greatly needed. The challenges will come, no doubt, and the choices won’t be easy, nor should they be. A personal goal is never easy if it is worth pursuing. Eating a healthier diet is no different than running a marathon. There must be a decision made, preparation and dedication. It’s that clear and simple.

I know what my mindset is about this challenging situation and now I have to get my heart lined up with my head.

The time is now and the goal is set. This isn’t going to be a daily choice but a moment-by-moment one.

With the help of the LORD I will succeed and I will be victorious. It will not be a quick turnaround but it will be a clear and certain result for the better.

Being disgusted with oneself stinks and it isn’t fun so the trick is to meet the challenge with a positive attitude and make wise choices each moment. Then good success will come.

Not while I am his Captain

A particularly gripping episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation sees commander Data ordered by Starfleet command to hand over his ‘child’, Lal, to officials.

Captain Picard defends Data and his android child and refuses the admiral’s orders. In the end of the episode, the Starfleet admiral lends his help to Data in an attempt to save Lal from her systems break down. Their efforts fail. The admiral is visibly moved by the experience and praises Data for his care and determination.

During the initial incident Picard once again stands for the freedoms of his crew members and their rights. He includes Data and his child in his deposition.

“Order a man to turn his child over to the state? Not while I’m his Captain”! A worthy statement of courage even for today’s society, Captain.